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Tips to Avoid Awkwardness at Your Engagement Session & Actually Have Fun! – Colorado Engagement Photographer

“We’re so awkward in front of the camera” . . . if I had a nickel for every time a couple told me this, I would be a VERY rich woman. You might think that everyone else in the world has it all figured out and you two are the only awkward people on the planet. But I promise you, almost everybody feels awkward in front of the camera. Unless you’re a model who literally does that for a living, and even then, lots of them feel awkward at the beginning too. Even we feel awkward when we take photos! I live with a camera in my hand but the second we’re in front of one, we’re like “uhhhhhhh…..”. It happens. It’s okay. We’ll get through it together! That’s why I have some engagement session tips for you today!

It’s totally natural to feel weird in front of the camera. We’ve all had our share of bad photos, whether they’re from the wrong angle, wrong time, or just wrong stage in our lives (lookin’ at you, pre-teen Ashlyn). So we’re all a little wary of what the picures of ourselves are going to look like. And then, you add in the whole other aspect of another person you have to interact with! Good lord, it’s stressful. Well, lucky for you, that other person is the love of your life, and you interacting together is the exact thing that will make your engagement session fun.

It’s natural to be afraid and nervous for your engagement session. But I’m here to help toss those fears out the window! And I guarantee that by the end of your session, you’ll be saying to me “wow that was better than we expected!” or “man, we had so much fun!”

So, here’s some engagement session tips on how to feel less awkward and to ease your mind a bit.

A couple cuddles in a forest of pine trees and aspens. The woman is wearing a green sweater and the man is wearing a red sweater.

1. Embrace the awkwardness

Now, you may be thinking, “Hey Ashlyn, you’re saying we’re not supposed to feel awkward! This isn’t helpful at all!” And I hear you. But as hard as I try to ease your nerves and as hard as you try to shake them off, you’re gonna to feel awkward at the beginning. It’s going to happen. So the best way to deal with it is embracing the fact that you’re gonna feel a bit awkward! Laugh through it, talk about it, and you’ll start to get more comfortable. In fact, the #1 thing couples do when they feel awkward in a pose is start laughing. And that’s exactly what I want! It looks so natural and cute on camera. And the more that you laugh, the more relaxed you’ll be!

A man and woman stand on the edge of a cliff overlooking a mountain view. The woman is wearing a pink dress and the man is wearing a white sweater with blue jeans.

2. Focus on each other

This session is about you. The best thing you can do is ignore I’m there and just have fun together! Yes, I’ll be there posing and directing you, but I want you two just living in the moment together. Chat with each other about literally whatever, laugh at each other’s jokes, and embrace this amazing new life you are building together. If you focus on each other and the love you share, it will shine through on camera.

A couple dances on a pathway in front of trees and bushes during their engagement session. The man is spinning the woman. The man is wearing a blue checkered shirt and jeans. The woman is wearing a long white dress with long sleeves.

3. Add in movement

Gone are the days of stiff, stare at the camera, and smile poses. That’s not what life is! Real life is fluid, fun, natural, and joyful. And the way to get that is by incorporating movement into your photos. Most of my posing as asking you to do an action for the photo. Think: kissing a cheek, pushing your fiancee’s hair behind her ear, holding hands and walking, a dip kiss, or swaying together. These may be awkward at first, but I promise they look so much more natural on camera than if you stayed still and just stared at each other.

A man and woman kiss while cheers-ing their glasses of beer downtown during their engagement session. The man is bald and wearing a blue-gray long sleeve shirt. The woman has blonde and purple hair and wears a gray dress.

4. Plan an activity

Just wandering through a field and posing not for you? Let’s do an activity together! Do you love breweries or bars? Let’s go shoot in one and you can even drink alcohol during your session (the best awkwardness-reliever!) Are you both bookworms? We can explore a bookshop together, you can pick out books for each other and feel right at home. We can head to a park and have a picnic, or to an arcade and play video games. Whatever feels right to you will feel right in front of the camera. Want something simpler? You can bring a bottle of champagne with you to pop and drink in photos. Or simply write some love letters and read them to each other!

A couple holds hands in front of the historic Tivoli building in Downtown Denver during their engagement session. The man is wearing a gray button down and black shorts. The woman is wearing a long black dress.

5. Make a whole day out of it!

Embrace the fact that you’re getting all dressed up and make a fun day out of your session. Start by just taking the full day off work. I know that can be hard but if you can do it, you will be wayyyyyy less stressed out all day. Next, try to get your hair and makeup professionally done if you can! It’ll put you in a great mood, you’ll feel amazing, you won’t be stressed about doing it yourself, and the pros know exactly what looks incredible on camera! Then on your drive to the session, pump the tunes! Listen to music that means something to the two of you! Whether that’s party music to get you excited or romantic songs to get the mood going, it helps a lot! We personally listened to our wedding playlist and first dance song on the way to our engagement session. Finally, after the session, go to dinner or on a date! You’re all dressed up, might as well make use of it! Plan a romantic dinner at your favorite restaurant or a fun date to do afterwards! Then you have something to look forward to!

A couple cuddles on a path in front of a golden field and mountains in the background during their engagement session. The man is wearing a blue polka dot button down and blue pants. The woman is wearing a mauve sweater dress.

6. Dress in a way that makes you feel confident

Clothes have a HUGE impact on how we feel! If you don’t feel confident or even comfortable in your clothes, it reads all over your face and the camera will pick up on it. Make sure to try on your outfits beforehand to make sure they work. Don’t wear that brand new pair of high heels for the first time that day. Wear what makes you feel like a million bucks and your confidence will shine through. Don’t know what to wear? Contact me and I’ll send you my engagement session style guide!

A couple cuddles with their great dane in front of an alpine lake, pine trees, and mountains. The man wears a gray button down and jeans. The woman wears a green sweater and leggings.

7. And finally: just breathe, be yourself, don’t overthink it, and trust me!

You might feel pressure for your photos to look a certain way. Whether that’s from your mom, society, or even yourself! I know you want your photos to be perfect and that you feel like you’re going to mess them up. But your photos will be incredible because they are of you and your amazing fianc√©! And what is more perfect than that? Just breathe, do what feels right in the moment, don’t think too much about it, and it will all work out. I’ll be there to guide you through every step so all you have to worry about is being happy with the love of your life.

A couple poses on a rock cliff in front of green fields and mountains in the far background. The man wears a blue short sleeve button down and jeans. The woman wears a mid-length lace white dress.

I hope these engagement session tips help you overcome the awkwardness you feel about your upcoming photo shoot! If nothing else, remember: it’s okay to feel awkward, just laugh through it and have a great time!

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